Teabaggers Unite

I’m having a hard time understanding people who listen to Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, etc. I just cannot get my mind around why people believe these guys. Do people not understand that this is all an act? A show? Entertainment? Do they not understand that these shock jocks are not passionate behind what they are selling? And yet, people follow them blindly.

I was watching a show on Democracy Now( http://www.democracynow.org/) about these guys and I was flabbergasted to hear clips of them being….dare I say? Liberal. They were talking about how to get more viewers and the only way to get more viewers was to get more extreme with the rhetoric. They were also talking about what a fucked up job Bush was doing and how he was destroying our civil rights. Believe you me, if the media was so Lefty this would have been on the Evening News. But, it was not.

I never paid much attention to this clique of entertainers because quite frankly I do not enjoy listening to their lies and contradictions….even it is for entertainment purposes. 4 years ago when “The Left” was protesting about various Bush doctrines Hannity was on the news calling them terrorists and how dare they go against their president. Now, he is covering the Teabagging event and saying it is our patrotic duty to voice dissent. What the fuck?? This is what I am talking about – IT IS ALL AN ACT.

Again, this is why I take such issue with people who follow these people. And no…before you get your pantyhose all twisted I am not someone who follows Left Radio or rhetoric. I think the news in general is full of shit and does not actually report any news. If they did we would not have been subjected to Brittany watch last summer. If you really want the news, you have to go find it and it is certainly NOT on Fox or CNN.

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