It’s Gettin Hot In Here….

It’s hotter than Hades And, it is times like these when I think of my dear friends over at the National Organization for Marriage. I really do believe that because of their hatred for civil rights, they are going to find their place in the location they dread most. Has anyone viewed the audition tapes for their latest ad? My favorite is the herpes girl (she appeared in a commercial to prevent herpes); she is truly an up and coming actress! The lies are startling, but the positive outcome is that it is uniting people to keep fighting for civil rights. Gay People will be able to live in any state, walk into city hall and get their marriage license! This will be a truth someday.



Hades....recruiting from the land of bigots!

Hades....recruiting from the land of bigots!

3 responses to “It’s Gettin Hot In Here….

  1. I wanted to punch any of the actors in that one commercial; It infuriates me that they’ll go out of their way and lie to stop other people from being happy! – The funny thing is that I don’t even live in the US, and having gay marriage here that doesn’t affect me personally, but it is the concept of it that makes me lived >:-S

  2. Yes, I think they will be burning

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