Screw Teabaggin…Try Treehuggin!


It is in our hands

It is in our hands

I am a total tree hugger….TOTALLY. Except that I don’t necessarily look like a tree hugger. I try to buy used clothing, I recycle, I buy organic when I can afford it, I grow vegetables, I compost, I use green light bulbs, I unplug everything, I turn off the water in between rinsing and I walk where ever I can. I do believe we can make a difference by doing things that do impact our lives or the comfort of them. I save money in gas and in electricity. Yup, that’s right I save money! You should see how much money I save in clothes and I do not compromise in style…..well, my style. 

So I urge you to do something today and tomorrow and the next day. You, me and all of us can make a difference. Take a step. It will make you feel good. And, even if you do not believe in global warming it can save you some cash$$ ….we all like that.

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