I’ve Been Twilighted…..

I have been reading the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. I had been previously avoiding it out of fear that I would become hooked. I was right to be reluctant because I am totally hooked. I just finished the 3rd book Eclipse and rented the movie Twilight…One of the lead characters who played Edward, Robert Pattinson, in the movie is frickin hot. But, not in a Brad Pitt perfection way; he is hot in a mysterious uncomfortable way. When you watch the movie, you just want him to keep talking much like when you read the book. They did a FANTASTIC job with this casting. 

So, now I feel like I have been sucked into this world. I went to keep reading because I have to know what happens. I am totally sucked in, hooked and addicted. I give you fair warning if you have not read this book: it will capture you. It does not have the homoeroticism that the Anne Rice books have and Edward is definitely no Lestat. He more vulnerable and dark. He is not the troublemaker. He is the tortured soul. I guess he more like Louis but with personality. 

I have no doubt that Robert Pattinson’s Edward portrayal will elevate him into a gay crush. Move over Anderson Cooper, Brad Pitt, Clooney and Hugh Jackman….ok maybe not Hugh….there is a new boy in town and I predict he gets the following.

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