So, I stayed up waaaaay too late last night finished the last book in the Twilight Series. Oh and by the way, if you have not read them and want to you may not want to read anymore. And I ask for your forgiveness in advance as I digress into my 16 year old alter. 

I kinda feel like the whole kitchen sink in the last book. She’s a vampire now, she has a power, they have a baby, the elitist vampires get mad and come to get em, they fight back and now happily ever after. Oh, and she learns how to let Edward in her head. And, I totally called that Jacob was going to imprint on Nessie. I felt kind of like: that was it? No more? All done now? I feel like I have been kicked out of the telescope as life goes on for these characters. What will happen to Renee’? Will more join their coven/family? Will Nessie ever slip up and become a rebellious teenager? Will Jacob stop being the Alpha of his pack? What happens when you mix a half vampire with a half werewolf? Why are there no gay vampires? 

And then I read on the author’s website that she had begun to write Twilight from Edward’s perspective ….who, is like totally my favorite character…but, then the book got leaked and she felt so betrayed that she could not write that book anymore. So, it is indefinitely shelved. Ummmm, exsqueeze me? Skunk you very much? So, the rest of the fans get punished because someone from her camp leaked the book. Ya – I don’t think so. LAAAAAAAME! I really think home girl needs to reconsider this act of treason and punish the correct people instead of the people who are thirsty for more (notice my reference??). Listen to the fans Stefenie. Listen. 

I almost picked up her other book, but because I am reading books for publishers and providing my feedback before the book comes out I opted not to. I have 3 that I need to read in the next 3 weeks so off I go into the land of unknown authors. Which can be fun…but I have a few books I have on my shelf waiting right now.

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