I love to hoe

My garden brings me so much peace. I get home from work, go outside and look at the growth of my garden. 

I have started most of my garden from seeds. The lettuce, the cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, basil and various flowers. I weed the little plot, fill it with dirt, aerate the soil and carefully plan how the garden should grow. Once you see the little seedlings pop up you get this burst of excitement. I surround them with the compost I create from our kitchen (and some help from red worms) and my little seedlings just thrive. You should see my roses! The fragrance will put a smile on your face every time. 

The best part about gardening is not how good the fruit and vegetables taste, but the knowledge that you grew your own food and it is good for the earth. See? You can be a tree hugger without wrapping your arms around bark 😉

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