Maxwell is Adonis

If you do not know Maxwell, allow me to throw you a lifeline to music. He is amazing. AMAZING! If you have been thinking there is no creativity in music as of late, he will renew your faith. I have been waiting not so patiently for him to release a new album, BLACKsummers’night for a few years now. Tha man works the hell out of his albums, but because he comes with perfection his forgiveness is easily provided. In order to really appreciate his music you must start with his first album: Urban Hang Suite. It’s a concept album; it tells a story of meeting a woman and the progression of this relationship over the course of one night. I promise you that you will hear something new each time you listen to this album. The music, the melody, the lyrics…all are phenomenal. He will take you on a ride if you let him. 

Next is Embrya – his follow up album. Totally different than his first. I think this album represents the rebirth of himself creatively. It was one that took me a few tried to get used to; I liked it right away, but it was difficult for me hear where he was going. Now, it is the album I listen to most. 

3rd album was NOW. More commercial than anything he had done previously. If Urban Hang Suite was soul, Embrya was electronic, then NOW clearly was funk. The bass lines are thick on this albums, the lyrics simple and the funk is blazin. 

All of his tours have been nothing short of a sexual electric festival of shared love. He  loves his fans, he gives us what we want and a little more…and we, we embarrass him with our affection. So, now my lovely Maxwell is FINALLY releasing his new album in July…oh I have heard this before. It was supposed to be released a few summers ago, but I am sure I will not be disappointed with his urgent perfection. 

Want to hear what I am talking about? Check it out:

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