Love and Brooklynn

I am struggling with the religious folk lately. I have attempted to discuss their positions with them. I attempted to show why people feel their rhetoric can be hateful. I have asked them to see a different perspective. The response? Well, I have been told that I am illogical, in denial, faithless, a boy, without reference, unlearned, in need of Jesus and flatly wrong. One poster actually requested that I read their blog and provide feedback. I did and the response was a complete rejection of what I provided. I am still rather perplexed why my feedback was sought since it was not even remotely received, but alas my attempts to understand the super relgious run me in circles.

After Proposition 8 in California I decided to make an effort to explain my position to those that sought to deny Gay couples the civil right to be civilly married. I succeeded with some. I was able to invite them to see a different perspective away from their religious views, because civil rights are not based in faith they are based in rights of the state and goverment. With some, we respectfully opted not to discuss it any longer….these folk included some of my oldest friendships. Religion and state are in theory supposed to remain separate. We know that for the most part they are not. Politicians consistently use their religion as a means to be elected. They try to appeal to a base of people who for all purposes are not supposed to be discussing politics on Saturday’s or Sunday’s at their place of worship listening to the discussion from the pulpit. But, the people I spoke to, I discussed with, I debated with – they were ready and willing to see another person’s point of view. I am willing to listen to them – to see where their passion comes from and they were willing to hear me and see where my passion is rooted. I can say with all honesty that our discussions swayed their positions. Not their faith, but their positions on civil rights.

Yes, I undoubtably have issues with organized religions. I am not against people believing; I actually support their beliefs in a higher power. My disenchantment is with those who refuse to look at anything other than their own religion. Their faith is the best. They know best. And, if you are not with them then you are against them. In their eyes, they are here to save you and if you will not be saved then you are destined for hell. I see this as pompous. This position is what polarizes people. How can you talk to anyone who is unwilling to look at a different point of light? When you study other faiths, other beliefs and other ways of life you are able to make your life richer because you see other people in a way that you could not have had you not opened up. Faith is such a personal topic and in my opinion is not something you spend a lot of time debating. What you can debate is the practice and the teachings because these are ever changing.

So, for now I have taken my lickings and I am opting to step out of this topic for the time being. I do thank those who have visited my website and provided critique on my writing. It is always welcomed and appreciated.

7 responses to “Love and Brooklynn

  1. Beth Glazener

    Please tell me I’m not part of the pain-in-the-butt religious community…

    • No you most certainly are not. We actually had DISCUSSIONS which is a far cry from the bile I have been receiving. You certainly never called me a boy! I think the important factor is more to realize that even though you may be on polar sides of the issue, there is still room to discuss. When you don’t walk away rolling your eyes….SUCCESS!

  2. Well you know how I feel on the subject so I by no means voice it here. However, I feel that as citizens of this glorious and overly nosy country we should be allowed to speak our mind regardless of whether or not it is what the so called “norm” may or may not be for the year.

    Furthermore, I was raised by bible thumping, meddling, archaic catholics and know first hand that they are usually not the epitome of a good christian seeing as how the majority of them spend their time judging and condemning others when it clearly states in the bible somewhere that one should not judge unless he wants to be judged by others…..or some shit like that.

    Either way, Im sorry those do not want to listen to what’s on that brilliant mind of yours.

  3. Beth Glazener

    WHEW! I promise never to roll my eyes and always share open discussions!

    I was talking with one of my coworkers here… he used to work with me in the Colorado office so we’ve known each other for years. I was telling him about my most favorite coworkers from Irvine and I was telling him you and I were the unlikeliest of friends on paper… but imagine what a fun friendship I would’ve missed out on if I stuck my nose up in the air and preached at you all day long. Ick… I enjoyed our discussions and you kept me sane when I was ready to chuck everything and go home!

    And while you’re one warped chickie, I don’t think it has anything to do with your upbringing and family, which the conservative right and religious community would claim to be toxic and detrimental to the development of a child. You were born warped – but it’s a delightful version of warped! =) I, for one, don’t think that should change ever… ever, ever… You’re absolutely faboo! So, in a couple of months, when I find myself driving in a Texas-like direction (it’s bound to happen), I’ll have to turn left and come bring a breath of California (by way of Colorado) to your OKC day (even if I am on the more naive, innocent end of the spectrum – hey, it’s part of my charm!).

    Oh, and you’re definitely not a boy… you’re very much a girlie-girl. Whoever said that does not know you.

  4. Warped??? I like fabulous better 😉

    • Beth Glazener

      Of course, warped is meant in the nicest and best sense of the word… how about you broke the mold instead? Yes, you are fabulous. I wouldn’t bother you from 1300 miles away if you weren’t! I can live with fabulous. 🙂

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