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Jordan Smelling the Flowers

Jordan Smelling the Flowers

I am growing some drought proof flowers in pots to see how they fair for the summer. We have very sandy soil and it is challenging to grow anything without adding compost monthly and a lot of starter dirt. Wanna recycle and reduce your garbage? Composting is awesome. Our tomatoes or over 5 feet tall now, we have tasty cucumbers and lettuce that actually has flavor! And, every once in a while we get a surprise sprout from our compost. Right now I think we have a red bell pepper joining our plot. 

I started our compost with old dirt from dead flower pots, a bed of shredded paper, vegan trimmings from our kitchen and red worms that speed up the compost. The worms add a little extra umph to the soil. We have a small can in our kitchen that we dump all of the banana peels, apple cores, orange peels, wilted lettuce, etc and dump it into the compost bin at the end of the week. Oh and by the way, our garbage is much less and less stinky. 

So, how does your garden grow? Do you compost?

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