One day this dog is gonna talk and then my most handsome man will check me into the looney bin for sure. Jordan is shall I say the master manipulator. He is a terrier and thus is attention span is intense and unwavering. When he wants something he gets close to you and then stares his desire into your brain. “I want snuggie on sofa” “I want food. Don’t you see what f-in time it is?” “Gimme lovin. Need belly rub.”  In this particular photo, our little furry mound of love is insisting for a little chest rub….and don’t worry Cesar, he only comes on the couch or lap when invited AND clean. No stinky pushy dogs on our furniture! 

So, this is the routine: Jordan comes and sits next to your feet (you must be on the couch for this one …or the toilet which is his 2nd favorite place for a rub)while looking/staring at you intently over his left shoulder. His next modus operandi is to place his chin on your thigh; aka the uber cute look. If that does not woo you, he lets a sigh and moves closer to your leg almost sitting on your foot. By this time, Jordo has become too pushy and so he is banished to his bed – or as I like to call: Doggy Timeout. Cesar would be proud! After his sulking is sufficiently out of his system Jordan is beckoned over to the couch, instructed to get up on the blanket, his doggy parts are not allowed on the fabric, and then he makes his way to getting as close to you as possible. Our little love machine. If he is not too sleepy, he makes his way to your lap and this is where he makes his move….flips onto his belly, front paws out to the side and looks up into the air behind him prepared for the chest rub! It is devastatingly adorable!

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