“Touching Home” …..a movie you need to see

Last night I attended the movie premiere of “Touching Home” at the El Portal theater in North Hollywood (now known as NOHO …which makes me giggle. No hoe…hehehehe).

Brooklynn, Noah Miller, Friend, Maryann Gough, Logan Miller and Jeromy Zajonc

Brooklynn, Noah Miller, Friend, Maryann Gough, Logan Miller and Jeromy Zajonc

First time film makers, Logan and Noah Miller, created a beautiful ode to their dad and to Marin County. It is a story of 2 boys and their struggle to have a relationship with their alcoholic father who loves them more than life itself but struggles with his disappointment in the father he was to them. The cinematography is nothing short of amazing; the scenery is breathtaking! With veteran actors Ed Harris (Apollo 13, Empire Falls), Robert Forster (Jackie Brown, Heroes) and Brad Dourif (The Lord of the Rings, Mississippi Burning) you can rest assured the acting is superb. The story grabs your heart from the start and has you feeling a roller coaster of emotions in the 2 hour film.

The back story to the film is just as amazing as the film itself. This is the little film that could. I highly recommend you pick up the book “Either You’re In Or In The Way…” It will key you into the depth and passion behind the making of this movie. The book is a surprising gem that is an endearing story and a motivational pick me up.

I highly recommend you look for this as there is no doubt it is coming to a theatre near you. You can pick up the book now….which you really should 😉 Oh and full disclosure: I went to school with the Miller Brothers and Jeromy Zajonc who produced the film. And while I realize I may be slightly biased, I can say that I brought someone who has no relationship with them and he was super impressed with the film.

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