Civil Rights and Obama….say it ain’t so!

Oh say it isn’t so! Obama is teetering between the religion right (who are on their way out of politics in my opinion…give it another 10 years) and gay rights. He made a lot of promises during his election to the gay community about DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and his feelings that it was discriminatory in nature. But, recently the Justice Department issued a brief on Arthur Smelt and Christopher Hammer v. United States of America to dismiss citing an incest case. WTF???!!! The sad thing is that this case is not strong (summary of the case it the fight for a gay married couple in California to have their marriage recognized in all states…ya know, something that hetero married couples have the right to? Get married in Alabama and your marriage is recognized in Washington) and in all likelihood should be dismissed. But, why would they make such a ridiculous argument as to compare it to a case that involved an uncle and a niece who wanted their marriage recognized??? It seems they have poured gasoline on the fire without cause and Obama being a constitutional lawyer should know this. Yes, I am fully aware that he did not compose the brief but what I am saying is that this is coming out of the mouths of his administration who represents him.

Now the balance to this is Obama has recently provided federal benefits to LGBT partners of federal employees. This is a good thing. He also appears to be saying that he will work towards repealing DOMA with Congress. Again, this is a good thing. I just have to wonder why his Department of Justice would issue a brief that is so Bush like. Sad. Sad. Sad.

Oh and by the way….Obama still does not believe in same sex marriage but he is for extending all of the legal benefits to same sex couples. Teetering.

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