Politicking time bomb

Scuse me whilst I rant.

I agree with Bill Maher this country can be really stupid and some people are just  really stupid all of the time. The job loss rate in this country is unbelievable and people cannot afford their healthcare coverage now. There has been no rage over the deals with the banks. No rage over Goldman Sachs manipulating the market (not sure what I am talking about? Read Matt Taibi’s article in Rolling Stone about it). No rage over AIG continuing to make risky investing with OUR money. Now…now people are showing up to town hall meetings that are intended for congressional leaders to discuss topics of concern with their constituents and have turned them into aggressive shouting matches. It is asinine.

Do you realize the argument over not turning healthcare reform into national Medicare is that Medicare has too much fraud? And yet the opponents of national healthcare agree the VA is run very efficiently. The VA is the only single payer health plan I can think of that no one says we should get rid of. Unlike Medicare, the VA can negotiate with its suppliers and pharm companies. And this is bad?? The VA doctors are paid well, the staff are paid well and they keep their costs under control.

I urge you to write, call and show up to your congressional leaders to let them know that you will not tolerate them no longer representing the insurance companies with their voices and votes that are designed to be representing you. Healthcare reform is necessary because without you will see more economic depression.

If you do not feel your educated on the topic, take a crash course by listening to the following people: Dr. David Schreiner and Wendell Potter.

2 responses to “Politicking time bomb

  1. I am so proud of you and your blog. I am a subscriber, have read a lot about your life, Brooklyn, that I did not know about and would like to know a lot more. This one was terrific! There is a lot riding on health care reform and, of course so much has to do with insurance companies like AIG and many others. Pharmaceutical companies will always do well if there is a good product to sell. But, it is disgusting how we treat our indigent, homeless, and, once respected, elderly population.
    I do believe that reform will come in small increments. We have a two-party system and most of the rich are not Robin Hoods. They think the less fortunate than them must be doing something wrong with their lives.
    People are so afraid of “socialist” medicine. I am not so sure about the government running our health care system, either. What’s the answer? well people just have to make LESS MONEY and dole it out! I do believe that the rich should have higher taxes because THEY CAN AFFORD IT and still have so many loopholes.
    And the bastards who have assured themselves million-dollar bonuses despite the state of the economy should have to pay them back!
    Brook, I don’t know that much about the VA, but I do know that up this way, patients haven’t been treated real well. I think they now are having to start to be accountable to the people that have served our country and are now among the neediest of all sorts of health care. Before I worked for Kaiser, I looked into the VA, but they did not pay nearly as well and worked their butts off. But the concept is good. And now ex and current soldiers are being treated as whole individuals, finally getting a grasp of PTSD and how families are in shambles and in need of therapy (unheard of before).
    I would certainly like to work in a think tank to approach health reform in a plausible and attainable way. Republicans will almost always vote along party line, even if they are not sure. And most lobbiests should be ousted. They awful wining and dining has to go — shouldn’t be allowed. I could and am going on and on. It just amazes me that when a small business is told that it must raise the minimal wage $.80, they have to let someone go or not provide the same type of health care.
    Our country is beyond assinine! If you don’t have health care and your child has an ear infection, where will they go? To the emergency room. And who pays for that? The middle class. It wasn’t that long ago in my nursing career that EDs were crowded with kids whose parents had no other place to bring them and people were so sick because they had no insurance to take good care of themselves. We have an obligation to care for them. And that would be a positive for government to have a part in running things. Just imagine the swine flu mutating because people will not have the ability to get help.
    Shame on us.

    • I don’t think there is an easy answer to this, but I do think the insurance companies are putting an all out war out on the American people with their efforts to quash a public option. My belief is we need to take the profit out of healthcare. I think if we start there, we can get progress. I do believe in purchasing additional coverages on your own in addition to the public option. The VA down here does a good job with their patients and they pay fairly well. Sad to hear it is not the same up north.
      Thanks for reading!!! I appreciate the feedback!

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