Health scare

I promise to resume my story but this issue is just too big to not keep commenting on.

We the American people elected a Democrat majority so that we could get policies long over due passed. What has happened? The Democrat’s have proven to us, once again, they have no spine. The debate over insurance reform has turned into a segment on TMZ. It is disgusting and people are unabashed about it. I urge you to check out Jon Stewart’s interview on Comedy Central with Betsy McCaughey (she is the bright light that came up with the term Death Panel and killed health care reform for the Clinton’s). Even though Jon Stewart let her off somewhat easy, she still made herself look like a rebel rouser with a PhD in Stupid.

People, we really need to hit the phones, the internet and the paper on demanding our representatives represent us. Odd concept I know since most of our representatives are in the pockets of the insurance companies (on both sides of the aisle they accept MILLIONS of dollars in contributions ….it is maddening). Our current system spends billions of dollars on administrative paper work ridiculousness – doctor’s are forced to complete unnecessary paperwork to get paid for their services and most of the paperwork is different from insurance company to insurance company. This equates to a lot of waste. With a single payer system – aka Medicare for all – we would eliminate this and find instant savings. Want more savings? Medicare for all would also eliminate CEO bonuses! More savings!!! I would also like to point out that the very people who are fighting for the status quo are the ones who created this mess in the first place: the insurance companies.

These are just some thoughts and easy solutions for what the media is reporting is sooooo complicated. Not so. Please at a minimum jump on your computer and write a quick letter to the President and your congressional leaders. Urge them to represent you and not the insurance companies.

2 responses to “Health scare

  1. For some reason Obama is acting like he won with a minority of votes. He needs to show us he has guts to pull this reform off. He is beginning to compromise and once he has done that it’s over. We need some George Bush in him for this bill. Pass that bill.

    • I know! One thing you have to respect about George Bush is he would get his agenda completed. His attitude was: you elected me now let me do my job. Obama bless him for trying to reach across the aisle, but now it is time to act. Get it done!

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