Pensive Parsimony

As we age there is something that becomes constant, we have to face our own mortality by losing people we love. I strive to be more peaceful with people’s passings and know that this is a part of life. It is not an unfortunate part of life but a scary one. It is fearful because we do not know what happens except we no longer physically interact with those we love. I have said I do not think you ever get over the loss of a parent but you do get to a point where you forgive life for taking your parent away from you. Death does leave a gift though. It reminds you to treasure those around you while you are both still here.

Today I send my love and light to my cousin. Your family is here to help you and love you as you move this process.

And, today I will hug my partner a little harder, I will call my surviving parents to tell them I love them and I tell you through this blog how thankful I am to have your ear every once in a while.

Big Cousin Dave

Big Cousin Dave

2 responses to “Pensive Parsimony

  1. Thinking of all the Brock-Duncan clan at this moment of sadness, sincere condolences to everyone from David and Kathi in New Zealand.

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