Outrage ….a fantastic film

I am so impressed with this film. It brings up so many emotions for me as a child of two wonderful fathers who were not always able to live their truth. And do you know why they were not able to live their truth? Because of bigotry in this country. I am sad to say that I have friends who fit into this category (that is a debate for another blog) and despite my complete love for my friends it is difficult to reconcile this. Although, I must say I remain hopeful that I can be a living example as to be a reason for them to review their views on gay civil rights.

This film is about how gay people in government who are in the closet repeatedly show hate towards themselves by supporting anti-gay legislation to prevent gay rights. When I hear people say “I don’t agree with the gay life style” it is like a dagger to my heart. You don’t agree with being a thinking feeling human being? You don’t agree with someone living their lives truthfully? Why do you think YOU can define what a gay life style is? Is there a “straight” life style? When someone says this to me or I hear this in the media it makes me feel like they hate my family. And ya know what? They do.

I encourage you to watch this film. It will touch your heart and your anger over how we can continue to show such hatred towards gay people.

Here is a link to one of the stars of the film:


Enjoy my friends.

3 responses to “Outrage ….a fantastic film

  1. will put that on my list of films to watch 🙂

  2. Is this available anywhere else? I don’t have HBO.

    We all have friends who we disagree with. Keep being an example for your friends. They will eventually come around. In the meantime, please keep writing!

    • Umm, I am not sure if it is. You can check youtube but I am pretty sure you can rent it or buy it. It is REALLY good!

      I am trying to keep up on the writing ….unfortunately I am one of those writers who needs to be “in the mood” and open to write. So, when I am there – I write!

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