Acting Out

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I typically distrust most of the political talking heads on television. My feeling is that most of them are muppets who are speaking on behalf of their owners … you know who they are. Their donors. Additionally, when corporations own the media outlets it’s difficult not to question why something is or is not being reported. I give you Fox News and MSNBC as prime examples. My faith in the judicial and political system is on the very low end of the spectrum, but I am not just a whiner. I actually do call and write the people who “represent” me and I exercise my right to vote, boycott, etc.

As I watched the debate on the House floor regarding the Health Care Reform Bill it dawned on me that this may not be a very good bill. Not because of what the lobbyist had written for the people speaking but more because no one was really saying anything at all. It’s difficult to figure out what people are fighting for when they make no sense. There is one news channel I feel does a good job on actually reporting and that is Democracy Now. Yes, they tend to slant towards the Liberal’s but for the most part they are right on point. So, this morning Representative Dennis Kucinich was on discussing why he did NOT vote for this bill. The sum of it is that it seems to provide incentives for insurance companies AGAIN and it says women absolutely cannot have an abortion paid for by a plan they pay for. Some nut job from Michigan, Bart Stupak added an amendment to the bill prohibiting insurers from providing any plan to allow abortions that is subsidized with government money. WTF? There was no provision in there on how to pay for the unwanted child but they never talk about that do they.

This is disheartening people. Small groups of people with a gang load of money in the United States have swayed this bill while many of are sitting wondering what this bill is in the first place. It’s a load of crap and if you think President Obama did not have anything to do with turning this into a pile of doo-doo you are wrong. His administration was reportedly the prime suspects in taking out the single payer option and Speaker Pelosi who used to be a defender of women’s rights was the one who gave in to the douche bag from Michigan.

Way to go people. Way to mother effin go. Guess it’s time to get out my pen and paper so I can write some letters.

2 responses to “Acting Out

  1. Socialism for the rich, and the shitter for everyone else. It’s the American way.

  2. I know … and the sad part is I don’t think it has ever NOT been this way

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