A quick hello and if ya don’t know now ya know

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday …. I promise a new addition to the story is coming and I thank you for your patience as I deal with my inner issues. On a positive note, I have two things to report:

1) Mexico City may be passing a gay marriage law that would provide all of the same rights to gay couples as to hetero couples (with the exception of adoption …. still workin on that one with the church). Thank you to my friend Orlando for that update!

2) Houston, TX has elected an openly gay female mayor. Now before your eyes cross, I did type that correctly: HOUSTON TEXAS!. A big whooohoooo to them for looking at an openly gay individual no differently than an open hetero individual. More proof that who you love is no one’s business …. ask Tiger Woods on this one 😉

3) Washington DC has passed marriage equality. This means California needs to get their head out of their butt’s and get on it.

See you soon!

2 responses to “A quick hello and if ya don’t know now ya know

    • Ya got that right! Mexico City passed legislation for gay marriage and adoption. Our nation needs to look at one of the most Catholic countries/cities on the planet and follow its lead.

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