Howard Zinn … A People’s Historian

Howard Zinn passed away right before he was set to speak at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Zinn’s book “A People’s History” changed my life. It is the only history book that actually spoke to me and my heart. This sentiment has been shared by every person I have ever met who has picked up the book. Zinn sought out and accomplished a history book that spoke from the People’s perspective. A perspective that has been consistently lost throughout the telling of history. Reading this book made me realize that it is the people who change our lives not the figures we attribute the the change to. This book helped me realize that we all make a difference no matter how small the action and that if we choose to we can make a big difference to those around us.

Rest in Peace Howard. Thank you for your ever lasting gift to us.

3 responses to “Howard Zinn … A People’s Historian

  1. great site,not sure how i found this blog but im happy i did ;()> please support gay rights.

  2. May his soul rest in peace.

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