Wake Up California

The governor’s race is upon us and one commercial has started. Watch out for this woman: Meg Whitman. Oh, she won’t tell you which party she represents (but considering that Jerry Brown is the Democrat running one can only presume) … noooo. But, what she will tell you is that she tried to get the McCain/Palin ticket elected. What does this mean??? This means she thought Palin was a good VP candidate. Are you rolling your eyes yet? Well, get your money out and donate to Jerry Brown

Do not let what happens to California a lot of the time happen this time. Where we get caught with our pants down because we think how could Meg Whitman possibly get elected? Who would vote for her? Need I remind you of Prop 8??? The money will be pouring in from outside the state. POURING IN! Get involved NOW and make sure we do not watch election day with tears in our eyes scratching our head. Pull it together people. California is a mess right now and we do not need someone who thinks Sarah Palin in all of her glory was a good option for this country. Jerry Brown has done some great things for the state. He has always been very vocal about white collar crime and the evils of it.

One response to “Wake Up California

  1. If I lived in California I would donate

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