Former Ebay CEO called out

California Watch reports that Republican Governor hopeful, Meg Whitman, abused the Ebay corporate jet. She abused it so much and charged shareholders $3.2 million for personal use that Ebay changed how much a CEO could utilize the jet. Clearly they were not happy at the manner in which she flew herself around the country. Yes, a CEO should have some perks in gaining ranks to this position, but when you are running on fiscal responsibility this does not bode well. This is not only disingenuous of her but also shows her feelings on the environment. Oh and by the way … she has spent $39 million of her own cash on her campaign.

I say it again California. Wake up! Fight this chick from gaining office. Do not sit on your hands and watch democracy roll by you and over you.

3 responses to “Former Ebay CEO called out

  1. Oh and p.s. Poizner is no better

  2. EBay was incredibly evil when she ran it. It probably still is. I had to try to cancel my account at least 7 or 8 times.

  3. Have you seen her ads? She is trying to say Poizner is a liberal? WTF? Poizner is certainly no liberal.

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