Yes! Ashford has been booted out of the closet

Roy Ashburn has been pushed out of the closet! This man has a horrible record on gay rights. Now I know many of us are jumping up and down at his demise, but this should be his welcoming party. He has been in pain for a long time. A self inflicted pain, true, but we should embrace this man for now being true to himself. Help him see that we do not hate him the way he has hated all of us.

5 responses to “Yes! Ashford has been booted out of the closet

  1. Is he being true to himself? Has he come out as bi or gay?

  2. I saw an interview where he came out as “gay” – has he changed his mind now? My fingers are crossed that he will start to support the gay community now since he seems to be joining it.

  3. I must disagree with you on this one. We should not support people who have fought against our basic human rights and we should not welcome them into our community. There is no excuse for this behavior. I don’t care why he did it.

    • Disagreeing is a very good thing and I thank you for it. I don’t disagree with you that homey has been acting like a douche. My feeling is that we should embrace some of the people who are hurting and see/hope that this love can help turn themselves around.

  4. HalfGay: OK, he did come out. That’s good…I guess.

    I just hope he doesn’t immediately become a spokesperson or something. People often say dumb things when they first come out. For instance, Mel White on 60 minutes said all gay people would take a pill if it could change them to straight.

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