why Maxwell, why?

I love Maxwell. I have been a supporting and adoring fan since his first album. I have seen every single one of his concerts and spent my hard earned money to get the best seats possible. I buy magazines he gives interviews for, TiVo his television appearances … get the message? I love his music! But, I find myself incredibly disappointed with him. He has teamed up with Jill Scott who if you didn’t know is a bigot. That’s right I said it, a bigot. Yes, she is incredibly talented but quite frankly she sucks. I saw her when she first hit the scene with her first album. So, me and 4 other girls went to see her. Life was fantastic at this concert until she decided to call out an interracial couple in the middle of a song. She wanted all of the black women to sing to his man, a black man, who was there with his white wife. The song: Do You Remember Me? Which as Ms. Scott explained to the audience was about black men who date women who don’t look like their “mama’s.” She sang to this man and his wife. He was visibly shaken and his wife was reduced to tears. They left. It was hateful. It divided the audience racially and apparently Ms. Scott still feels this way. Check out her interview today on CNN:
Jill Scott talks about interracial couples

I am trying to get the video to show up in the post … bare with me

2 responses to “why Maxwell, why?

  1. Crap this is really sad. I can’t believe she said she doesn’t care about mixed couples in other countries but winces at it here. What is wrong with her? Why is Maxwell supporting this woman?

  2. I don’t know, but I am really sad to say I have not listened to any of his albums since. It has left a terrible taste in my mouth.

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