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I thank you for coming! This blog is mainly about my upbringing by my 2 gay dads. It is about the joy and pain that every child experiences but my life had different and sometimes more fabulous characters than most families. It is about the love and the challenges my family has and continues to face. ย Most of the names are changed to protect the innocent who did not ask to have a story written about them. I have tried to at least make them recognizable to those who appear here.

This blog is also some of my rants. I beg your pardon in advance. The rants are NEVER directed at a particular person that I know and love. They are sometimes political and sometimes probably something I should not be saying, but I hope you feel the underlying humor intended in them.

Please feel free to leave comments. All of them are posted.


46 responses to “About This Blog

  1. I like your political rants, but I am missing the next segment of your story

  2. I promise I am getting one out soon. Unfortunately I have had a little case of writers constipation ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  36. Hey World…

    I wish you would write more often. I keep checking back but it only seems to be updated once per month

    • I wish I would write more often too. It takes quite a bit to go raw with this story and I have been pursuing a master degree for the last 3 years – hence the silence – but I do plan to pick this back up as soon as possible!

  37. This is exceptional. I don’t even know what to say

  38. I am not sure I agree with your upbringing but this is an interesting blog. When are you going to share more about your current life?

    • Um, probably won’t be putting too much about my current life until I get to that point in the story. What don’t you agree with in regards to my upbringing?

  39. Good Afternoon…

    Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself. How and why do you hide your identity?

    • Wow. Long overdue reply. Sorry about that. I’m not sure I hide my identity so much as try to respect the identities of the people I write about. My stories are from my perspective and I don’t pretend to think they are the only perspective. Somethings may be unflattering or upsetting to people and so I don’t want to compromise their own sense of privacy with this blog. Hence why I change the names of everyone. I hope that answers your questions 2 years later ๐Ÿ˜‰

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