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On Pause

I am on pause if you may have noticed. I have some goals I am working on currently and so I have been neglecting this blog. I was originally going to delete it but I was asked not to …… and I guess I am one for flattery at times.

Please continue to send me emails, posts, etc. I will update as I can. Eventually I will look to get this story into a book 🙂


Love and Brooklynn

I am struggling with the religious folk lately. I have attempted to discuss their positions with them. I attempted to show why people feel their rhetoric can be hateful. I have asked them to see a different perspective. The response? Well, I have been told that I am illogical, in denial, faithless, a boy, without reference, unlearned, in need of Jesus and flatly wrong. One poster actually requested that I read their blog and provide feedback. I did and the response was a complete rejection of what I provided. I am still rather perplexed why my feedback was sought since it was not even remotely received, but alas my attempts to understand the super relgious run me in circles.

After Proposition 8 in California I decided to make an effort to explain my position to those that sought to deny Gay couples the civil right to be civilly married. I succeeded with some. I was able to invite them to see a different perspective away from their religious views, because civil rights are not based in faith they are based in rights of the state and goverment. With some, we respectfully opted not to discuss it any longer….these folk included some of my oldest friendships. Religion and state are in theory supposed to remain separate. We know that for the most part they are not. Politicians consistently use their religion as a means to be elected. They try to appeal to a base of people who for all purposes are not supposed to be discussing politics on Saturday’s or Sunday’s at their place of worship listening to the discussion from the pulpit. But, the people I spoke to, I discussed with, I debated with – they were ready and willing to see another person’s point of view. I am willing to listen to them – to see where their passion comes from and they were willing to hear me and see where my passion is rooted. I can say with all honesty that our discussions swayed their positions. Not their faith, but their positions on civil rights.

Yes, I undoubtably have issues with organized religions. I am not against people believing; I actually support their beliefs in a higher power. My disenchantment is with those who refuse to look at anything other than their own religion. Their faith is the best. They know best. And, if you are not with them then you are against them. In their eyes, they are here to save you and if you will not be saved then you are destined for hell. I see this as pompous. This position is what polarizes people. How can you talk to anyone who is unwilling to look at a different point of light? When you study other faiths, other beliefs and other ways of life you are able to make your life richer because you see other people in a way that you could not have had you not opened up. Faith is such a personal topic and in my opinion is not something you spend a lot of time debating. What you can debate is the practice and the teachings because these are ever changing.

So, for now I have taken my lickings and I am opting to step out of this topic for the time being. I do thank those who have visited my website and provided critique on my writing. It is always welcomed and appreciated.

Teabaggers Unite

I’m having a hard time understanding people who listen to Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, etc. I just cannot get my mind around why people believe these guys. Do people not understand that this is all an act? A show? Entertainment? Do they not understand that these shock jocks are not passionate behind what they are selling? And yet, people follow them blindly.

I was watching a show on Democracy Now( about these guys and I was flabbergasted to hear clips of them being….dare I say? Liberal. They were talking about how to get more viewers and the only way to get more viewers was to get more extreme with the rhetoric. They were also talking about what a fucked up job Bush was doing and how he was destroying our civil rights. Believe you me, if the media was so Lefty this would have been on the Evening News. But, it was not.

I never paid much attention to this clique of entertainers because quite frankly I do not enjoy listening to their lies and contradictions….even it is for entertainment purposes. 4 years ago when “The Left” was protesting about various Bush doctrines Hannity was on the news calling them terrorists and how dare they go against their president. Now, he is covering the Teabagging event and saying it is our patrotic duty to voice dissent. What the fuck?? This is what I am talking about – IT IS ALL AN ACT.

Again, this is why I take such issue with people who follow these people. And no…before you get your pantyhose all twisted I am not someone who follows Left Radio or rhetoric. I think the news in general is full of shit and does not actually report any news. If they did we would not have been subjected to Brittany watch last summer. If you really want the news, you have to go find it and it is certainly NOT on Fox or CNN.


Oh me oh my. So, I have been having some pretty painful lower back issues over the last month that have peaked as of this last Friday. After 2 days of not going into the office I finally went to the doctor. I have now been diagnosed with sciatica…which aside from being difficult to spell sucks big donkey…you know the rest. And, it gets even better. The doctor I saw clearly could see my pain and she was by all definitions a kind soul. She took me off work for the rest of the week. This freaked me out because I can work, I just can’t sit. I had been working for the past 2 days from home with no problem; so what if I am laying in bed with a laptop perfectly placed on my stomach? My boss told me plainly that I had to shut down the lap top.

At first the little rebel in me thought: uhhh huuuuh you can’t tell me what to do. If I could move better, I would have added the cobra but alas I am disabled. Then, I thought about it and even though I cringe at having to use my Paid Time Off (because my job does not provide sick time) it is probably better for me to take the time off. Work has been so unbelievably stressful. I won’t get into it, but it has been STRESSFUL! Lots-o-change!!! I really do believe my body is performing a coup for me to sit my butt down and relax.

I am on day 5 of being laid up on my arse. Hence the second posting….I simply cannot handle anymore television and honestly a lot of the news is just making me depressed. The economy sucks and I cannot understand why The White House has asked the CEO of GM to step down but allows the bank robbers to still be in power….Seriously, I thought this was about CHANGE. But, I won’t go there ….right now. Anyways….I tried reading but the haze of the muscle relaxers is brutal and I can’t remember what I read.

Think good thoughts for my ass….I will need a lot of them considering the size of it.