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New post to come

I have been thinking so much about my little blog and that I really need to get the next part of the story out. Time will soon be on my side and I will be able to commit to getting back to writing. I am 4 short weeks from my goal I set out to complete 3 years ago and excited puts it mildly. If anyone is still out there, give me a few weeks and the story shall go on.

Happy Spring!


On Pause

I am on pause if you may have noticed. I have some goals I am working on currently and so I have been neglecting this blog. I was originally going to delete it but I was asked not to …… and I guess I am one for flattery at times.

Please continue to send me emails, posts, etc. I will update as I can. Eventually I will look to get this story into a book 🙂

Quick Hello

Holy Smokes! I have been laid out with some health stuff for the last month so I apologize for the silence here, but ya gotta take care of yourself.

I am working on a new post to the Gay Life Story so stay tuned. In the mean time allow me to just exert a little energy to rant:

The Catholic Church went from being disgustingly silent on the child rape scandal to now hiding behind the ridiculous notion that gay people are to blame for child rape? Their number 2 guy behind the Pope decided it was gay people who are raping children and they have infiltrated their church. Are you kidding me? Wake up! We have known since 1981 that being gay is not a choice and we can see it in the brain (there is actually a difference in the brain that controls sexual preference) and we have also known since the 1950’s that it is white straight males who make the majority of child rapists and NOT gay men.

This is my reaction to number 2:

Screw you church!

why Maxwell, why?

I love Maxwell. I have been a supporting and adoring fan since his first album. I have seen every single one of his concerts and spent my hard earned money to get the best seats possible. I buy magazines he gives interviews for, TiVo his television appearances … get the message? I love his music! But, I find myself incredibly disappointed with him. He has teamed up with Jill Scott who if you didn’t know is a bigot. That’s right I said it, a bigot. Yes, she is incredibly talented but quite frankly she sucks. I saw her when she first hit the scene with her first album. So, me and 4 other girls went to see her. Life was fantastic at this concert until she decided to call out an interracial couple in the middle of a song. She wanted all of the black women to sing to his man, a black man, who was there with his white wife. The song: Do You Remember Me? Which as Ms. Scott explained to the audience was about black men who date women who don’t look like their “mama’s.” She sang to this man and his wife. He was visibly shaken and his wife was reduced to tears. They left. It was hateful. It divided the audience racially and apparently Ms. Scott still feels this way. Check out her interview today on CNN:
Jill Scott talks about interracial couples

I am trying to get the video to show up in the post … bare with me

Yes! Ashford has been booted out of the closet

Roy Ashburn has been pushed out of the closet! This man has a horrible record on gay rights. Now I know many of us are jumping up and down at his demise, but this should be his welcoming party. He has been in pain for a long time. A self inflicted pain, true, but we should embrace this man for now being true to himself. Help him see that we do not hate him the way he has hated all of us.

Former Ebay CEO called out

California Watch reports that Republican Governor hopeful, Meg Whitman, abused the Ebay corporate jet. She abused it so much and charged shareholders $3.2 million for personal use that Ebay changed how much a CEO could utilize the jet. Clearly they were not happy at the manner in which she flew herself around the country. Yes, a CEO should have some perks in gaining ranks to this position, but when you are running on fiscal responsibility this does not bode well. This is not only disingenuous of her but also shows her feelings on the environment. Oh and by the way … she has spent $39 million of her own cash on her campaign.

I say it again California. Wake up! Fight this chick from gaining office. Do not sit on your hands and watch democracy roll by you and over you.

Wake Up California

The governor’s race is upon us and one commercial has started. Watch out for this woman: Meg Whitman. Oh, she won’t tell you which party she represents (but considering that Jerry Brown is the Democrat running one can only presume) … noooo. But, what she will tell you is that she tried to get the McCain/Palin ticket elected. What does this mean??? This means she thought Palin was a good VP candidate. Are you rolling your eyes yet? Well, get your money out and donate to Jerry Brown

Do not let what happens to California a lot of the time happen this time. Where we get caught with our pants down because we think how could Meg Whitman possibly get elected? Who would vote for her? Need I remind you of Prop 8??? The money will be pouring in from outside the state. POURING IN! Get involved NOW and make sure we do not watch election day with tears in our eyes scratching our head. Pull it together people. California is a mess right now and we do not need someone who thinks Sarah Palin in all of her glory was a good option for this country. Jerry Brown has done some great things for the state. He has always been very vocal about white collar crime and the evils of it.