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This author is a fantastic story teller

While I am currently dedicated to my school books for my reading, I had the chance to pick this one up in between semesters. I have read 4 books from this author, loved all of them  and she did not disappoint with Palace of Illusions!!! It was a beautiful page turner about a princess and her dealings with destiny. She knows she will have no control over her fate and yet she continues to question with doubt.


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  1. Just finished A Mercy….very thought provoking book. It is about a girl who is a slave who falls in love with a black man who is not a slave. It is a time where racism has not yet been defined. If you are a Toni Morrison fan, I imagine you have already read it.

  2. And…I already finished Twilight. IT WAS SO GOOD! If you like Anne Rice, you will like this. It is kind of like Louis but in high school. The writing does not seem “young adult” to me.

  3. So, now I have finished New Moon – it was slow to start but picked up so quick that I finshed the book when I had about 200 pages to go. It was very good. Just a little slow developing and I was mad at one of the main characters which made it go even slower. I am already on Eclipse 😉

  4. And I finished Eclipse last night….it was good. I am not a Jacob fan and am kind of annoyed at his manipulations. I love his character, but I just keep thinking he would find his soul mate and Bella would become like Leah. So, now I am on to Breaking Dawn…the last book. I hope she is almost done writing the new one.

  5. Done with Breaking Dawn…I feel like it ended too soon. Now I am off to some reading commitments that I cannot say what they are, but will talk about them after they are published.

  6. I hated reading about Jacob in Breaking Dawn……If everyone else is being nice then he should have been to. And if he cared for Bella He would have let her go either way…I guess in the end he lst her and gained Reneseme.

  7. Ok – just finished Wally Lamb’s “The Hour I First Believed” – HOLY SMOKES!!! I am still kinda reeling from it. It was tough to put down and tough to pick up again. This is a heavy read – I recommend you read this when you are in the right frame of mind. It is a story about tragic cultural events and how these events can play into our lives through good and bad. They frame our lives and all that encompasses them. I highly recommend this book!

  8. I like it

  9. Are you onto a new book?

  10. Have not been able to finish Edward Sawtelle … will let you know the verdict when I finally get through it

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