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Devirginized – my wordpress cherry has been popped

I am half gay. Not in the sense I like to fool around with women and men, but in the sense of I have a straight mom and a gay dad. That’s right half gay. The means I am the product of a straight relationship but I grew up with my gay dad’s in the 80’s and 90’s where it was way uncool to have gay parents.

There were no shows on television that depicted my family. The closest was a show called “My Two Dad’s” which was about a girl whose mom was a super freak and had sex with two men and didn’t know who the baby daddy was. Very Maury Povich. There was no Ellen and Elton John was not even out of the closet. I can relate when I hear people of different colors and creeds say that they never saw anyone who looked like them on TV. Well, everyone looked like me – blonde hair with blue eyes if I ever get kidnapped thank God I look like this so I will be on the news with a fucking manhunt looking for me. Yup – NO GAY people who were out on television. Freddy Mercury was even playing it straight. What did this mean? It meant that I felt odd and misplaced for most of my childhood through teen years. But, ya know what it also meant? I was never molested because I was the Princessa of the house and nobody puts me in the corner. Most of my girlfriends have been molested if you are wondering where I pulled that one out from.

Life was “normal” because this was all I ever knew. I knew that I had to protect myself from the teasing at school, you may find my tongue to be sharp, and I knew that my dad’s felt shame for who they are. But, ya know what? I grew up in a charmed county where artistic expression was nurtured and where pot was more popular than vicodin. Not too shabby despite all of its challenges.

So, my wordpress cherry has now been popped. You now know a smidge about me. Welcome to my world and God help you for joining it 😉